Congruent soul

Reborn flesh

Slaughtered thoughts

Boiled blood

Abridged generation

Blurred concepts

We don’t look as we are We boss up as we do We dream backward to move forward We will be fallen kisses at 3 am on a soiled ground

Made by the only followed law of a negative lateral flow

Passionate slur

Revolutionised utopia

Uneven steps

Burning earth

Steady Vajrasana

I, belong nowhere and everywhere I, break and make the rules I, cancel giants I, voice my broken mind I, sit unchained by the mirror our society placed in front of me

Me, myself and he/she Me, me, me times 80, 90, 20, 2020

You & me and we two

Others? are we. I see. In the dent of my @ E - Identity.

This is a piece originally published in the Kindred. Print Identity Issue 001. Available to purchase now via clicking this link.