Why you should watch Don’t Look Up

For anyone wondering whether climate change is real or not, Adam McKay's star-studded film, Don't Look Up, is a must-watch. With a touch of honour to America’s golden age of B-movies but with a Hollywood blockbuster budget, McKay paints a profound reflection on mankind. His anchoring of the film consists of mirroring the faults in our society, depicting it as so ignorant that it's funny. Unfortunately, the people who need to see this film most probably won’t, and that's why we have decided to share our key takeaways from the two-hour sit-down that comically addresses the serious threat to human civilization - no spoilers ahead.

Rated 54 per cent on the movie reviewer Rotten Tomatoes, Kate Dibiasky (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is an enthusiastic astronomy graduate with the world’s most attractive scientist, Dr. Randall Mindy (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). They make it their mission to warn mankind about an incoming comet that will wipe off the face of the earth. Amongst the comedy, we are continuously reminded of scary reflections, which every human being should ponder upon whilst living on our beautiful planet. DiCaprio, who has already made his thoughts clear on what he thinks about global warming, portrays a helpless professor who gets sucked into the realm of pop culture that he is fighting against. This is true with news stations that feed us celebrity fandom rather than providing the service of sharing real-life issues as seen within the film.

The not-so-subtle reference to former President Donald Trump through President Orlean (played by Meryl Streep) performance is a highlight of how our leaders fail us. President Orlean is a self-serving president who lies to the country. In the UK, most of us point fingers towards Boris Johnson, whose leadership skills are constantly being questioned on whether he is fit for the position he currently holds as Prime Minister.

Through tech billionaire Peter Isherwell (played by Mark Rylance), we are reminded of how the richest people amongst us prove to be the biggest threat. Elon Musk’s continuing ambitions to live on Mars form a distraction to the threat we face on our planet. Additionally, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon empire is still environmentally unsustainable. Without giving away any spoilers, Don’t Look Up emphasises that money cannot save you from natural disasters.

For us, Don’t Look Up signals urgency for action against climate change. We encourage our readers to help wherever they can, this includes making your voice heard by those in power. Your local MP is a good place to start, and in addition to this, efforts include steps towards veganism and reducing the usage of your private vehicles. We also encourage ethical consumption in fashion.

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