Top 5 moments from Drag Race: UK vs The World that’s got everyone GAGGING

The first episode of the brand new Drag Race spin-off show debuted on BBC Three last night (warning: spoilers ahead).

Let’s be honest, there have been more seasons in the Drag Race franchise than you’ve had hot dinners, with some fans feeling that the regular seasons are starting to get a bit stale. However, this brand-new series has turned that doubt completely on its head in the very first episode, sending gay Twitter going into overdrive (no change there, then).

Featuring a host of familiar faces, the show will see Drag Race alumni from the UK and around the world, competing for the chance to become the ULTIMATE Drag Race superstar and queen of the mother-tucking world! Not to mention the incredible celebrity judges, including Jade Thirwall, Clara Amfo and, in this episode, Mel C.

With the drama already starting, a down-right WILD variety show and a shock elimination, here are Kindred.’s top five moments from the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs The World.

Monique and Jujubee Are All Guns Blazing

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Drag Race isn’t just about kiki-ing whilst putting on copious amounts of eyeshadow, and the American queens have made that VERY clear; they’re not here to play! Drag Race UK Season 1 star, Blu Hydrangea said, "did you notice a change in the atmosphere when the Americans came on stage?"


While the queens are de-dragging in the werkroom, Drag Race US legends, Monique Heart and Jujubee, are already weighing up the competition. Jujubee remarks about Baga Chipz’s entrance look, "she looks like somebody's auntie going to a wedding", with Monique saying, "Blu’s hair was the crunchiest and the costume was not that solid."

The shade of it all! We have a sneaky suspicion that this isn’t the last slice of drama we’ll see this season…

Baga Chipz’s British Slang Lesson

One of the main reasons Baga Chipz won the hearts of the UK back on Season 1, was her authentic, down-to-earth, no filter personality. Sat on the sofa with Canadian queens, Lemon and Jimbo, and Pangina from Thailand, Baga quizzes the queens on their (limited) knowledge of British slang.

"Do you know what the dog's bollocks means?" she asked, with the international queens looking thoroughly confused. "I just wanted to teach them about steak bakes and Prince Andrew in Pizza Express."

Oh Baga, we do love you.

Blu And Monique Bury The Hatchet

As Lemon mentioned later in the episode when discussing her friendship with fellow Canadian queen, Jimbo, you’re just not going to have that sister bond with everyone you work with. Sometimes people just don’t gel, and that’s okay.

Well, Blu Hydrangea approached Monique to express her feelings about an awkward encounter they had when working together.

"The first time I met you, I really didn’t like you," Blu laughed. "We were at a gig, and you asked me to hold your garments, and then shouted at me for not keeping them off the floor."

With Monique looking rather taken aback, she sincerely apologised for it and explained how she didn’t want to be read by the crowd for her outfit.

Beef: squashed! Maybe this could be the start of a blossoming friendship? Either way, we’re glad to see the problem being resolved in a mature and respectful manner. Some people could definitely take a leaf out of their book…

Jimbo’s Nightmare-Fuel Variety Performance

After 14 seasons and god-knows how many spin-offs, you sometimes feel that nothing can surprise you anymore on Drag Race. We’ve seen the crazy death drops and the jaw-dropping outfit reveals. But nothing on this planet or any other could have prepared us for Jimbo’s performance. Buckle up, because there’s a lot to unpack here.

Let’s start with the outfit, which can only be described as a heavily pregnant Caspar the unfriendly ghost from hell. I think that paints the picture well.

Iconic or midlife crisis? We may never know.

Then we move on to the performance. In all honesty, you kind of have to see it to believe. Opening a tiny suitcase labelled ‘TALENT’ and finding nothing inside, Jimbo proceeds to birth (yes, birth) a stack of ham slices and throw them around the stage like tiny meat frisbees.

Was it a top moment for the right reasons? The judges seemed to think so, with Jimbo joining Pangina as the top 2 queens of the week. 24 hours on and we’re still not sure, just very confused.

Pangina’s Lip Sync For The Win

Okay, hands up, who would be absolutely terrified if they were asked to lip-sync a Spice Girls song in front of one of the actual Spice Girls? Well, not Pangina Heals. The host of Drag Race Thailand wowed the judges with her flawless performance of Say You’ll Be There. Showing no signs of nerves, Heals strutted down the runway, owning the stage with a perfect combination of attitude and comedy.

Pangina in her breathtaking, Thai-inspired runway look.

She may have felt like she had something to prove, after being the only queen on the show who hasn’t actually competed on Drag Race. And boy did she prove it! Pangina demonstrated throughout the episode that she’s a serious competition and should not be counted out.

Honourable mentions go to Jimbo throwing a pasty at Blu Hydrangea, Jujubee poking fun at the number of times she’s been on Drag Race by calling herself a senior citizen, Monique’s GORGEOUS African homage look, and everyone being thoroughly confused by Baga’s runway look. Don’t worry, Baga, we got it … kind of. Roll on next Tuesday!

You can watch RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs The World on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

What was your favourite moment of the first episode? Let us know in the comments!