Thrifted, sustainable and affordable: holiday outfit inspiration in three different ways

With the Christmas period well underway, social calendars are filled with festive activities and holiday events. Christmas markets, holiday parties and of course, the perfect Instagrammable outfits to make everyone jealous.

To help you out with inspiration, Kindred has chosen the top Christmas outfit suggestions to show you - shopped three different ways.

Christmas markets/Winter Wonderland – fast fashion

Whether you are going on a Winter Wonderland Hinge date or a romantic stroll around the Christmas markets with your partner, wrapping up warm whilst also remaining stylish can be a challenge.

Fashionable outerwear and practical layering are key. Styling knee-high boots and a long duster coat over the top of a basic layers can keep your outfit looking chic without compromising comfort.

Layering leggings or tights underneath utility trousers or wide-leg jeans and a long-sleeved thermal under a chunky turtleneck will keep you warm without having to cover up your outfit with a big coat.

Fast fashion brands such as Missguided, Primark and H&M are great places to find trendy basic pieces that are easily styled and at an affordable price.

Despite the ethics surrounding such brands being less than admirable, many young adults understandably cannot afford the dearer price tags that come along with sustainable fashion. But there is a way to shop such brands in a more ethical way.

Purchasing more basic pieces to be styled multiple ways, over the cheaper trendy items you will only wear a handful of times, helps in tackling the problem of wasteful fashion these brands have created.

The brands themselves are also beginning to address the issue, with Missguided (Restyld) and H&M (Conscious) both releasing

lines of sustainable and recycled items.

H&M's Conscious line is filled with basics perfect for a Winter Wonderland/Christmas market outfit, whilst Missguided's Restyld has plenty of light basics that can be used to layer and are easily re-wearable in the summer months. Making them great collections to shop from as they are both affordable and conscious.

Christmas/holiday party – thrifted

Whether you want to keep it casual or go all out for a holiday party, thrifting is an ethical and affordable way to source your outfit.

Recycling pre-loved clothing stops the build-up of fashion waste and despite what many may think, charity shops and thrift stores contain some great pieces that can be reworked and styled to suit the occasion.

Navigating charity/thrift shops to find these hidden gems can take some skill, so here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • many stores are organised by colour, making it easier to find colourful pieces to automatically add a festive element to your outfit.

  • Go for a basic foundation and add a statement piece to take the pressure off thrifting a full glam outfit, holy grail items take your outfits from trying to be trendy to effortlessly stylish.

  • Always have a vision, great pieces might need a little reworking, turn an old shirt into a cute crop top and matching skirt or wear an oversized jumper as a dress with knee-high boots and chunky accessories.

  • Set aside a full day to shop, sometimes finding the best items can take time.

With plenty of charity shops all over the country, you are sure to find some great options, but if you're looking for something more specific online pre-loved clothing stores such as Depop and Vinted are great to directly search for items, while local charity shops, such as Oxfam, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation, also have online stores.

Christmas Day - sustainable fashion

Whether you are the family member delegated to the floor to open presents, or you plan on eating your weight in carbs and chocolate, most people can agree that the best outfits for Christmas Day are the most comfortable ones.

Crew neck sweaters and relaxed denim or a loose-fitting jumper and festive skirt are great combinations for a comfortable and casual Christmas Day outfit.

Whatever you are looking for, comfortable basics are the forte of sustainable fashion brands.

Despite the higher price tag, sustainable fashion not only helps the environment but, in an effort to prevent wastefulness, it also aims to last meaning better quality.

Here is a list of sustainable brands who offer great value worth the price tag:

Nudie Jeans, a brand specifically for sustainable denim, has a great selection of jeans in various fits that are guaranteed to last a lifetime with their Free Repairs Forever policy.

Cossac, Unrecorded and People Tree offer a variety of suitably festive items, such as knit jumpers, corduroy trousers and wrap dresses perfect for a casual Christmas Day outfit.

For those looking for a little bit of colour, Lucy & Yak is filled with bright designs and popping colours. From printed boiler suits to organic denim dungarees, you will definitely be the best and most sustainably dressed in the family photos.

Just five of hundreds of independent and sustainable brands available in the UK, there are endless options of ethical and comfortable outfits for the big day.

However you choose to shop and whatever you choose to wear, rock your outfit with confidence and remember to make this festive season your b*tch.

Let us know your outfit plans for the holidays in the comments.