New Music Friday: Tracks from Theodor Black, LIA LIA and more!

After a string of phenomenal releases within the last two weeks, it's always worth highlighting some of the smaller, budding musicians who are grafting just as hard to get where they need to be. Mixed within this weeks collection of fresh new sounds, are some exceptionally talented individuals who need a little more recognition.

Theodor Black - PARADISE FM

Coming after his highly praised EP Garçon, South-East London rap connoisseur Theodor Black unveiled his long-awaited seen-track EP PARADISE FM, featuring BaggE and Lucy Tun. Created in collaboration with Majestic Casual with their new label Friends of the New, he has also been working creatively with Crowns & Owls as well as artist Slawn for the new project. As the album is dedicated to his love of skateboarding, Theodor Black also mentioned that

"'Paradise FM' is a deep dive into the remnants of my mind during a pretty transitional time in my life. The EP is really a scope into me searching for my own paradise and realising that it's internal, not in our worldly possessions."

Blu DeTiger & Chromeo - Bluetooth / enough 4 u

Collaborating with one of the biggest names in electronic music, Blu DeTiger shared a double single with us 'Bluetooth' and 'enough 4 u', featuring funky, synth grooves and plucking basslines.

“We clicked with Blu and Rex immediately, they became like our younger siblings,” says Chromeo’s Dave 1. “Our top priority was to make records where you can really feel both of them playing live…because they’re so talented and endearing. We kept telling them: it’s gotta be funky, it’s gotta be catchy, but it’s also got to get respect from all our musician friends.”"Bass is the backbone of funk music”, adds P-Thugg. “We grew up idolizing everyone from Larry Graham to Meshell Ndegeocello. That’s what we see in Blu and that’s what we wanted to bring out of her."

LIA LIA - Love & Melancholy

Providing us with that Y2K feeling with her music, LIA LIA has steadily been clawing her way through the industry with her pop-punk princess aesthetic and grungy lyricism. The Berlin based artist, unveiled Love & Melancholy which comes as a spell-binding story of the growth of a fictional character to a real life popstar who finally finds her voice. As she blends her aesthetic with anime-focused visuals, LIA LIA also distorts the line between what is fantasy and what is reality. As her album feeds through stories of her coming to terms of moving away from Shanghai, vulnerability and identity, LIA LIA is looking to be the next big thing.

Oscar Jerome - Sweet Isolation

South London jazz artist Oscar Jerome unveiled his most recent single 'Sweet Isolation' fit with grainy visuals filmed on Icelandic hillsides. Throughout the visuals, he switches between characters whilst exploring masculinity and insecurity.

“This track and visual is an exploration into the beauty in melancholy." says Oscar. "The first character you encounter is

Jerry, back in an easier time. He is happy but somewhat deluded, a warped idolisation of what was. The second character, Ice Guycicle, reflects the art that grows out of deep emotion and the pain experienced on the path to transformation. He could be a real person searching for answers on an alien planet or he could be a thought walking through the barren landscape of your mind.”

Ojerime - Alarming

With a hazy guitar loop amongst her angelic vocals, songstress Ojerime returns with a sultry new soul single 'Alarming' adding to her phenomenal discography. With her unique lyricism that proves her to be a standalone voice within R&B, Ojerime speaks on the emotional tug of war when the one you feel for the most is also hurting you the most. It draws upon the ideologies of being dragged back in after betrayal. With 'Alarming' coming as yet another reason why Ojerime needs so much attention, her artistry and concepts make her one of the most exciting voices in UK music today.