New Music Friday: Tracks from Saint Jude, Kenzie TTH and more!

What a week! From recovering from a scorching heatwave to gearing up to the release of Beyoncé's latest album, it has to be said that it's been a very busy time in the music world. However, New Music Friday is for the smaller people who Kindred think are really doing something great. Tap into your garage side with Saint Jude or transcend to another level with muva of Earth. Whatever you do this weekend whilst you're getting your new music fix, don't forget who put you on!

Saint Jude - No Angels

If you liked Saint Jude's previous single 'Feedback Song' featuring Low Loudly, then you'll love his most recent cut 'No Angels'. Coming forward with old school garage vibes and a King Krule style vocal, Saint Jude's 'No Angels' was inspired not only inspired by lockdown, but more about community and solidarity. As Saint Jude bridges the gap between electronica, hip-hop and punk, 'No Angels' is a strong single that leaves us feeling a little more uplifted knowing that what matters most is having the right people around us. Saint Jude will also be performing at his first ever live show at Village Underground on the 3rd of September.

Kenzie TTH - Driveway (Credits)

US-born and London-based artist Kenzie TTH revealed her latest track 'Driveway (Credits)' and also announced a new EP We Stayed Too Long which will be co-written and produced by electronica's Leon Vynehall. With 'Driveway (Credits)' being described as the 'glue' of the record, it brings forth a sombre feel all about closure at the end of a relationship alongside drowsy guitars. With a cinematic-style visual accompanying, Kenzie TTH said that when she was writing the track, she was imagining the end of a movie, learning to accept the ephemeral nature of life and finding closure around the way we are, were and want to be.

muva of Earth - High

The newest Brownswood Recordings signee muva of Earth unveiled the captivating 'High' this week which speaks on simply enjoying what's around you and being high on life. This harmonic single allows us to think deeper and reframe our point of view as we switch us idealisms about nervousness and transform it into excitement to make the most out of a negative situation. Sitting on a hip-hop beat, muva of Earth draws influences from Fela Kuti, Sade and Blood Orange to name a few as she explores identity and afro-futurism as a young Afrikan woman.

Psylo - Moonchild

New York-based duo Psylo, made up of rapper Ziggy Zombie and producer Otto, released 'Moonchild' this month, inspired by 90s hip-hop, reminiscent of early Gorillaz and fusing trip-hop elements by the likes of Portishead. Coming as a melancholy and gritty number, 'Moonchild' is a raw track that showcases iconic New York hip-hop sounds alongside influences from Italian and French film soundtracks. Paired with cinematic visuals, 'Moonchild' is melting pot of creativity that showcases the duo's passion for film and timeless music.

vi0let - Audience

Revealing her second single taken from her forthcoming EP Believe Me When I Cry, emerging artist vi0let's 'Audience' is all about realising how you really feel about someone. Fusing elements of The Internet and Ariana Grande, vi0let uses the term audience as a metaphor to describe someones personal cheerleader. Speaking on the track, vi0let says,"By the end of the song I say “Seems like it’s easier when I go, blocking out the life you never tried so I pack up my bags maybe you’ll grow.” Which is my way of coming to terms that it’s sometimes better to remove yourself and wish them the best.”