New Music Friday: Tracks from Lava La Rue, Demigosh and more!

Kicking off your Jubilee bank holiday weekend this Friday is a whole new set of releases dying to get played. Whether you're chilling at home and enjoying a few well needed days off, hitting up your local pub or checking out the street party down the road, we can guarantee that we'll have something you'll like from this list.

Lava La Rue - Hi-Fidelity ft. Biig Piig

Announcing their forthcoming EP Hi-Fidelity alongside a brand-new single, Lava La Rue continues to fuse their signature sound from West London as well as tones from the West Coast. Echoing sounds by the likes of The Internet, the track comes as a relaxed and chill vibe, accompanied by colourful visuals of Lava La Rue navigating through the city. With the name 'High Fidelity', a play on words between a musical transition from Lo-Fi to be played Hi-Fi, Lava La Rue is marking Hi-Fidelity as a special release between themselves and Irish artist Biig Piig as they are also childhood friends.

Demigosh - First Son

Coming as his first release of 2022, experimental artist Demigosh unveiled the track First Son which comes as a new era of sound with enhanced sonics and evolved sound. As Demigosh was once part of the Afro-Irish collective Blackfish, Demigosh made the decision to move from his hometown in Dublin to East London to kick off his solo career. As he connects his Nigerian Yoruba roots to western indie music that he used to listen to in his childhood, he blends an afro-futurist left-field sound and moves between lyrics in English and Yoruba.

Jeshi - Universal Credit

Coming as his debut album, British rapper Jeshi has finally unveiled the highly anticipated Universal Credit. The incredibly personal and introspective album delves into poverty and hardship. With the thirteen track project moulding high moments and downfalls, it also documents heavy nights out, anthems for the self-destructive and anthems with notable voices in the UK scene such as Fredwave and Obongjayar.

"This is about really diving to places I haven’t and giving a real honest portrayal of it all and holding up the mirror to what I see around me; the good, bad and ugly. If 'Universal Credit’i s what the government gives those of us going through a hard time - here’s my flip on that. This is Universal Credit, from me to you.”

ELIZA - Heat Of The Moon

Following from her minimalist track Straight Talker back in March, ELIZA has released a brand new Neo-soul track Heat Of The Moon that follows the immersive and enthralling experience of falling in love again. The new single continues ELIZA's transition (as she was formerly known as Eliza Doolittle) after taking time out of the spotlight to re-invent herself. Coming as a soulful number accompanied by glowing, hazy visuals, ELIZA is prioritising authentic artistry with her new identity.

Shivum Sharma - Words

The uniquely soulful Shivum Sharma released the brand-new single Words, which comes as a meditative track that slips between sounds of trip-hop, jazz and soul. With Words celebrating the power and curiosity of the young mind, Shivum states that young people are often told to be silent rather than be empowered to speak up.

"Children’s minds are often the purest as they are not yet tainted by insecurities, anxieties and the influence of the modern world. I believe we have so much to learn from young minds if we actually nurtured and listened to them."

What was your favourite track of the week? Let us know in the comments!