New Music Friday: Tracks from Jeshi, Mura Masa and more!

Mura Masa – bbycakes ft. Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress, Shygirl

In a collaboration we never thought we would see, Mura Masa has brought together Lil Uzi Vert with TikTok sensation PinkPantheress and the incredible Shygirl for their remixed version of the 2004 'Babycakes' track from 3 Of A Kind. Following a cute Y2K vibe and catchy beat, 'bbycakes' is a fresh and updated on the classic tune that is guaranteed to perk you up.

Jeshi - 3210

Announcing his debut album Universal Credit, trailblazer Jeshi takes things down a dance route with his next single, showing off his versatility. As he touches on issues that feature the disenfranchised and self-destructive, Jeshi takes the viewer through a day-in-the-life of his neighbourhood in a flip-book style. With his next album showing a theme of things going wrong no matter how big or small they are, Universal Credit is not a political album but instead empowering and to put pride into words.

B-Joux - Banter

Hailing from Newham, East London, B-Joux is an up-and-coming rapper who has been making a name for himself by opening up for Stormzy, Ghetts, 67, Obongjayar and Section Boyz. With the visuals for his latest track 'Banter' self-directed, showcasing cinematic shots, B-Joux says that 'Banter' is allowing him to express himself in a different way and to speak on things without filter because of the drill game whilst at the same time, being authentic to himself.

Morgo - Back Home

Coming out of the eight-piece collective Motto Estate, rapper Morgo is on a mission to get areas of Northern England into the underground UK Hip-Hop scene. With the Manchester-based collective honouring Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds but also Bristol, it's a breath of fresh air to hear talent that doesn't just come from the capital.

With the visuals showing Morgo and feature rapper Degie going back home to see friends and family, they speak on close relationships as well as touching on nostalgia that they feel from visiting their hometowns.

Surya Sen – So I Just / Slidin' ft. Bone Slim

Raised in North London, Surya Sen is a British rapper and producer who is most known for his versatile flow and woozy dance-infused production style. Taking inspiration form Hip-Hop, Detroit House as well as Afro-Cuban Samba, he unveils his latest single 'So I Just / Slidin' ' featuring rapper NiNE 8's Bone Slim and FELA.Mi. With the visuals giving us a vintage raver club vibe as well as elements of UKG and house, Surya Sen is on his way to becoming the next hottest south-asian dance producer.

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