New Music Friday: Tracks from Berry Galazka, Blu DeTiger and more!

Berry Galazka - Woke Up, Chose Violence

Berry Galazka 'Woke Up and Chose Violence' with her latest single which also comes as her 2022 return after going off the radar. As she uses her new track as an announcement for her sophomore EP Leash, the Polish-American alternative up-and-coming musician is introducing us to her new persona; a pop-punk, babushka-adorned art enthusiast. With 'Woke Up, Chose Violence a fierce comeback, she mentions that "going off the leash of any expectations or conditioning that you have received. It’s about starting to lose trust in everything, questioning yourself, waking up and choosing violence is choosing life. Birth is naturally violent; death is naturally peaceful.”

Blu DeTiger - Hot Crush Lover

Sharing her latest single and visuals, Blu DeTiger is rapidly ascending through the scene with this infectious summer-ready track. The bass-playing prodigy links her signature sound through a pop number, glossed with plucking basslines and a nostalgic, catchy hook. With the visuals jam-packed with pastel pinks, yellows and blues and a whole lot of slime, Blu DeTiger mentions that "'Hot Crush Lover' is about letting go and opening yourself to the possibility of meeting someone else. It's about snapping out of how you're feeling, gaining some confidence, and learning to have fun and live your life inhibited. The video is meant to reflect this feeling. It’s wild, colourful, fun, to the point where eventually I’m dripping in slime.”

FloFilz - Close Distance

Germany's leading producer FloFilz has unveiled his album Close Distance today, featuring a handful of collaborations including soul vocalist Jerome Thomas, jazz-focused Alfa Mist, Noir-R&B singer KeepVibesNear and jazztronica duo Blue Lab Beats. Having created this album in a handful of places such as in Aachen, Moabit and London, Close Distance reflects the German translation for 'near in space or time' in which music can close distance for each of us. With the 16-track album blending sounds of contemporary jazz, alternative R&B and rap, Close Distance demonstrates FloFilz's passion for Lo-Fi, soul and hip-hop as well as how he can unite a selection of unique musicians and songwriters to produce effortlessly divine sounds.

Theodor Black - Top Down

Announcing his new EP PARADISE FM coming on the 20th of May, late-night rapper Theodor Black is back with a brand new single 'TOP DOWN', incorporating sounds of grime and hip-hop. With his earlier single 'LOOP' setting the tone for his next project, Theodor Black is showing off his versatility and innovation by constantly delivering boundary-pushing sounds. “The name of the track comes from when you’re looking fresh from top to bottom; you’re walking down the street and people can’t help but notice,” explains Theodor. “The same goes for when you notice a cute girl, but she’s more than cute, she’s got her fit on point and the shoes look good too.”

Shivum Sharma - Overload

South London producer, singer and songwriter Shivum Sharma takes us on an 80s-style soulful journey with his latest single 'Overload', full of synths and his unforgettable falsetto. Telling anecdotes from a queer perspective, he is a well respected futuristic-sounding vocalist who uses his deep understanding of pop music to produce complex sounds that compliment his visuals just as much. As 'Overload' deconstructs his relationship with the city of London he explains, "It’s almost a breakup song with the city, the energy that once inspired and allured becoming one that instead takes and uses, leaving its people barren and drained. Questioning the love that you once felt for home.”