New Music Friday: Tracks from Bel Cobain, Chloe Bodur and more!

As usual, New Music Friday is back, highlighting some of the coolest new voices, handpicked just for you! Listen to the brand new set of releases from a handful of musicians that you need to know about like R&B songstress Bel Cobain or the groovy Lava La Rue. Refresh your playlist and check out these top tier musicians below.

Bel Cobain - Leader/Unsafe House

Brimming with a sense of tranquillity and rawness, songstress Bel Cobain unveiled her double single 'Leader' and 'Unsafe House' which is both passionate and lively. Leading with themes of empowerment and sexual liberation, Bel Cobain fuses psychedelic tones alongside Latin and Afrobeats which takes us on a journey through time and space. With Cobain reforming her tracks over the last three years, she uses 'Unsafe House' to tackle ancestral trauma and battling with feeling wary of somewhere that you should feel at home.

Lagoon Wavey - Junipee

Taking inspiration from the Juniper plant which symbolises healing, Bajan native Lagoon Wavey uses his track 'Junipee' as a way to observe new beginnings as well as manifest his forthcoming musical journey ahead. As he leads the track with harmony and an effortless vocal range, Wavey shows us both his versatility and passion for the pen.

Speaking on the track, Lagoon Wavey says: "'Junipee’ is the first look into the transition and evolution of my music (and) probably my favorite song I’ve made so far. I’ve always wanted to make a song with a huge chorus."

Chloe Bodur - Come With Me

Redefining her sound, songstress Chloe Bodur has once again shown us her impressive vocal range and production skill with her latest track 'Come With Me'. Filmed in Soho House's Tea Building Studio, she harvests feminine energy as well as sexual liberation with her new track. As she croons in sultry tones, Bodur continues to show us her transformation into the singer that she intends to be, alongside some stunning visuals. 

Lava La Rue - Don't Come Back

Fit with funky basslines and smashing drums, Lava La Rue returns with a hypnotic new track 'Don't Come Back' that speaks of a romance on the brink of falling apart. This downtempo but melodic new single comes from their highly anticipated EP Hi-Fidelity which is due to be released at the end of July.

Produced by long-term collaborators Courage and Saya Grey, 'Don't Come Back' is about "being in a relationship where you know that person isn't good for you. But you can’t help but go back and forth with them. Instead of ripping off the band-aid, it’s tearing it off slowly, and scratching at the scabs."

Saint Jude - Feedback Song ft. Sarah Downie

South London artist and producer Saint Jude shared the new track 'Feedback Song' (featuring vocalist Sarah Downie) which follows from his recent collaboration with rapper Fredwave. Featuring simplistic and minimalist sounds, 'Feedback Song' evokes a dreamlike theme throughout the track that sits comfortably alongside Downie's abstract verses.

"The first listen is always the first take," says Sarah. "I hold that moment with such reverence as I know that, after that, the synchronicity will never be captured in the same way again."