New Music Friday: This weeks releases from Svetlana, BXKS and more

With this week jam-packed with releases, there's been a handful of up-and-coming artists that have caught Kindred.'s eye within the last couple of days. Featuring a mix of albums and singles, let's take a look at what we've been listening to the most.

BXKS - Hack The Planet

Once again proving how versatile she is as an artist, BXKS unveiled the album Hack The Planet, taking strong influence from anime graphics mixed with hard-hitting bars. As the Luton-born rapper slowly and steadily paves her way towards an exciting career by releasing hit after hit, she has secured a dedicated fanbase that have been raving about her latest project. With her nonchalant flows and engaging visuals that sit alongside her releases, Hack The Planet doesn't disappoint.

Tamera - Good Love

With her EP Afrodite on the way, Tamera fortifies her position within the UK R&B scene with the tame track "Good Love" featuring Tay Iwar. The track comes after "Wickedest" which was met with glowing reviews. With "Good Love" presenting Tamera at her calmest and most inviting, the Kent-based songstress allows her honey-smooth vocals to drench each track she produces. Speaking on the choice of the new EP name, Tamera described why she used the spelling "Afrodite" instead of the original spelling: "I’m also an African woman and predominant sonics of the project are heavily influenced by African culture.”

Svetlana - London

Svetlana unveiled the dreamy and soulful track "London" giving a sense of luxury to us. Being from a city that never sleeps, "London" speaks on living a busy lifestyle where we don't have the time to see friends or family, amongst working long hours and starting to feel lonely. Coming from her debut EP, "London" is a track that expresses a longing for love.

Chloe Bodur - Static Flow

With her EP arriving very soon, Chloe Bodur has graced the music scene with relatable tracks that intrigue you. With her latest number "Static Flow" produced by JD. Reid, she moulds elements of love and relationships into her everyday life but for this one in particular, she explores the idea of changing yourself to fit in with other people. Hailing from North-West London, Chloe enjoys to implement nostalgia and euphoria within her music and allows us to see how free she really is.

Downtown Kayoto - NAVIG8

Following the release of his latest single "Karma Called", Downtown Kayoto unveiled his highly-anticipated EP NAVIG8 which is said to be his most boundary pushing body of work to date. This budding musician weaves elements of RnB, pop, rap and 00's indie into his music. Speaking on the new project, Downtown Kayoto mentioned that: “I wrote a lot of it in the night and outside. At the time of lockdown, I felt lost but strangely hopeful of the future, I was studying during the day and pursing creative interests through the night and in between school trying to find a place to live in.” It feels like a coming-of-age project.

“The expression in NAVIG8 comes from how at this point in my life, I felt as if I was navigating every single aspect of my being, my future, my relationships, my character as well as my place in the world.”