New Music Friday: The top five releases you need to hear

Every week, Kindred. takes a look at a selection of the most hyped releases from various artists over the past seven days. As we delve deep into the world of music, there’s almost too much choice but here, we’ve selected the juiciest, listen-worthy projects just for you.

From Megan Thee Stallion to ABBA, check out all the new music releases that everyone has been raving about!

Summer Walker – Still Over It

Summer Walker returns with a brand-new project that has got the entire world in their feels. Following up from her 2019 album, Over It, she reminds us with this dazzling new selection of tracks that it’s okay to reminisce, as long as you remember who you are. By making a relatable album, she was able to plough through the emotional rollercoaster you go through after a break up - the depression at the beginning to picking yourself by the end. With features from R&B queens such as SZA, Ari Lennox but also hip-hop legends Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes, Summer Walker is most definitely one of the few artists that can have the whole timeline in a shambles.

Standout track: “Closure”

Katy B – Peace and Offerings

Katy B returns after a five-year hiatus with an eight-track EP that falls under electronic pop for our dance babies in the clubs. Following her huge success from her debut album, On a Mission, Katy B collaborates with Jaz Karis and dips into a brighter atmosphere by moulding elements of soul, hip-hop and dancehall. She speaks on the difficulties of adulthood as well as relationships. Moving away from the club-like vibe unlike her previous albums, this EP sheds light onto a more emotional side of Katy B.

Standout track: “Floating”

ABBA – Voyage

After 40 years, ABBA - the most successful band to come out of Sweden- have made their way back onto the publics’ radar with their latest album Voyage. As they call on all disco-heads around the world, ABBA take a more serene stance with this project that makes you feel good. The girls still sound just as good as they did back in 1979, whilst still incorporating sounds and synths we loved from the early 80s.

Standout track: “Keep an Eye on Dan”

Megan Thee Stallion – Something for Thee Hotties

Megan Thee Stallion dropped a scalding hot album for the hotties just before Halloween featuring all her freestyles. Keeping energy and consistency through all her releases over the years, this album speaks on her success as well as not paying attention to her haters. With her verses raw and raunchy as ever, Megan continues to stay as one of the most successful female rappers who delivers non-stop.

Standout track: “Tuned in Freestyle”

cktrl – Zero

cktrl delivered a four-track EP over the weekend infused with hints jazz and R&B, as well as classical on the track “Felt”, featuring artists anaiis, Annahstasia and Anajah. This contemplative and tranquil EP takes you on a journey through the calmest waters, merging experimental with woodwind and speaking on moving through a heartbreak. With Mereba exquisitely flowing through the project with silky vocals, the project as a whole marries with the abstract production of cktrl.

Standout track: “Zero (ft. Mereba)”