New Music Friday: Projects from Gunna, Earl Sweatshirt and more!

HAZEY - Packs and Potions

Following his blow up on TikTok on a freestyle feature on BL@CKBOX, 17-year-old HAZEY has exploded onto the underground grime scene and released a full version of his track 'Packs and Potions'. With his distinctive Liverpudlian accent alongside hard hitting bars on the track, HAZEY has since been signed by Sony following his viral video which has now accumulated over 250 million impressions. With the visuals being shot in his hometown of Anfield, HAZEY is one more example of how powerful social media can be for young and budding artists.

Gunna - DS4EVER

If you're wondering what everyone means by saying what is and isn't 🅿️, it's to do with American Hip-Hop artist Gunna who has returned onto the scene with his latest project DS4EVER, a Trap-heavy selection of songs that listeners have already noted one track in particular to be the stand out, 'Pushin P' featuring Future and Young Thug. Playing into different themes with his project such as making money, wearing expensive designer clothes and dealing with romantic relationships, Gunna has gotten everyone talking with this latest instalment.

Standout track: 'Pushin P'

Earl Sweatshirt - SICK!

Returning from a four-year break, the elusive Earl Sweatshirt has returned to release his latest project SICK!, a short but sweet selection of tracks that explore Earl's knack for lyricism as well as encasing his tracks with emotive sparks and strong production. Unlike his 2018 project Some Rap Songs, this album is a more raw and fluid piece that is jazzier and featuring a wider range of beat selection as it was also self-produced. This new piece has gathered Earl Sweatshirt fans around the world to soak this project all in because who knows when he'll be back again?

Standout track: '2010'

FKA Twigs - Caprisongs

FKA Twigs has been releasing frequently since 2021 and now into 2022 with her latest offering CAPRISONGS, a mixtape dedicating to all the Capricorns around the world. In an intricate and beautiful way, FKA Twigs effortlessly picks up where her last project MAGDALENE left off and speaks on love and relationships that ends on a nice high. Her project also comes after her two singles in which she collaborated with Central Cee and The Weeknd.

Standout track: 'oh my love'

Mach-Hommy - Dollar Menu

Surprising us with a short project that comes right after his stunning project Balens Cho, Mach-Hommy has released yet another handful of tracks on Dollar Menu that are definitely more on the hard-hitting and meatier side. Showing off his eloquent rap flows on gangsta rap beats, Mach-Hommy comes at us showing that he's not to be messed with. Staying true to displaying eerie-sounding Griselda-style beats, Dollar Menu is an interesting project that has gotten fans talking.

Standout track: 'Maslow's Hammer'

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