New Music Friday: New tracks from Theodor Black, Louis Culture and more!

With the Christmas holidays approaching, presents aren't the only things we're getting this year. With so many artists releasing new albums, videos and tracks, here's our weekly gift of new music!

Theodor Black - LOOP

Following up from his most recent EP GARÇON, "LOOP" marks the start of creative relationship between Theodor Black and Majestic Casual's Friends of the New. With "LOOP" moulding his signature alternative UK hip-hop with poetic and introspective lyricism, he speaks on his experiences in being a young, black male growing up in South-East London. With GARÇON allowing Theodor Black to refine his sound, "LOOP" features the hazy, mellow rap that he does best. “The song is about being stuck in the same place and not moving forwards, repetitive behavioural patterns that often tend to be self-destructive or counterproductive." Theodor says about the track. "It’s like being in purgatory, it’s not quite hell but it isn’t quite heaven either, some people enjoy this space and tend to not want to move but in order to survive you’ve gotta keep moving else you’ll get left behind and forgotten about. I don’t want to be forgotten; I want to be remembered!"

Josif - Free To Be Josif

Dropping his debut EP Free To Be Josif, South London rapper Josif had released a string of singles, teasing us for his biggest project to date. Free To Be Josif focuses on several different themes that surround freedom, expression and identity. Alongside visuals for "Let Me Breathe", the tracks meaning was interpreted by Varylab who encapsulated all the different atmospheres of the track but also the album as a whole, which resulted in a great collaboration and exciting storytelling. The track follows an eccentric beat that ties with Josif's love for electronic music.

Sasha Keable - Intermission

Colombian singer Sasha Keable unveiled her first EP in two years featuring the incredible Jorja Smith on their stunning track "Killing Me". With her unparalleled vocals, she ties themes of candid self-expression and shows vulnerability. With the EP being a reflection of heartbreak, learning to be along and self-love, Sasha bares all on Intermission. "It's a topic that I’ve never touched on before but is so fitting for where my head is at right now. I’ve never been more honest and true to myself than in this music and to say the journey has been cathartic would be an understatement. This music has both broken me and healed me in so many ways and I’ll always be grateful for this Intermission in life.” Says Sasha.

Jeshi - Generation

Again, drawing influences from British culture, Jeshi makes waves with his music once again with new track "Generation" which follows four children in their life and the things they get up to during their day. Made to show the contrast of how much childhood has changed over the years due to the rise of social media and internet culture, "Generation" is a track looking on how difficult it is growing up these days. "The innocence has been taken away and replaced with depression and anxieties. This world makes us all grow up too quickly and I wish we could slow everything back down sometimes. Inspired by family, friends and my own experiences running around being a little sh*t.” Jeshi says.

Louis Culture - Dream

Elevation Meditation collective member Louis Culture revealed his latest track "Dream", a track that's "for the dreamers on job seekers, go getters, block boys, believers, underachievers. Schemin,” says Louis Culture. Inspired by black Britain and the electronic music scene, Louis constantly reinvents his sound that is both soulful and poetic each time. Shot in Margate, "Dream" follows a hip-hop vibe that reinstates his impact on the underground music scene.

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