New Music Friday: New tracks from Sunny Reyne, Haich Ber Na and more!

Welcome back to New Music Friday, the bi-weekly roundup of the best new music that needs to be heard by absolutely everyone! Take a trip with Haich Ber Na's 'So Sick Of Me' and fall in love with Sunny Reyne's charming vocals as Kindred. delves deep into the hottest new releases.

Sunny Reyne - Insanity

Coming from neo-soul sonics, Australia native Sunny Reyne revealed her latest track 'Insanity' which comes from her upcoming debut EP Right Now. Highlighting ideologies of finding a person to lean on when experiencing anxiety, Sunny Reyne uses melodic layering within 'Insanity' alongside powerful synths that allow her vocal talents to stand out. Speaking on the track, Sunny Reyne said"In this song, I wanted to focus mostly on vocal layering and the idea of vocals as the main provider of groove, rather than solely relying on instrumentation.”

Ayla D'Lyla - Anywhere But Here

NYC songstress Ayla D'Lyla has released her pop-driven track 'Anywhere But Here' that uplifts the idea of escapism. Coming after her quirky number 'MONEY', 'Anywhere But Here' is a breezy take on modern alt-pop and showcases the versatility of her songwriting. "'Anywhere But Here' embodies the feeling of leaving the smoggy city and finding satisfaction in the simplicity of nature," says Ayla D'Lyla.

Haich Ber Na - So Sick Of Me

Effortlessly producing a huge pop track that once again shows off his wild versatility, Haich Ber Na has released his latest track 'So Sick Of Me' which comes after his wildly popular 'St.Leville'. With the musician never failing to explore all avenues of where his sound can reach, he also mentioned that this track was his favourite track to date. Showing off a Tame Impala-esque sonic, 'So Sick Of Me' comes from his next EP When We Knew Less.

Nakhane - Tell Me Your Politik

Marking his first release in four years, Nakhane released a brand new track titled 'Tell Me Your Politik featuring the legendary Nile Rogers and Moonchild Sanelly. Hailing from South Africa, Nathan's new track is sultry and erotic which speaks on the fact that sex is a political act. With the accompanying visuals, Nakhane took full control of how he wanted to portray his message. “I’ve always collaborated with my directors when making my previous videos, but I don’t think I understood what went on behind the scenes. When I decided that I wanted to direct this video, I felt I was ready to do it."

ayrtn - The GLO

Rapper and producer ayrtn unveiled his latest track 'The GLO' today as he gears up for the release of his next EP TOO AWESOME. Coming to us as a summer anthem, 'The GLO' speaks on self-assurance and follows a west coast hip-hop feel and exists to tell us to keep pushing forward. With the track inspired by a breakup, ayrtn says, "'The GLO’ is all about the sun coming out from behind the clouds after a period of darkness”.