"Modelling can heal" – Meet the up-and-coming unconventional model and musician, Osh Veda

Photographer: Ivan Weiss -

Osh Veda, the person that exists today who oozes nothing but utter confidence, is not the same person as he once was before his career in modelling started.

The 25-year-old grew up in Lithuania and moved to London in his early 20s, initially to start his musical career playing the piano. He never considered modelling until nearly two years ago, when a friend who was designing an outfit approached him and asked him to model.

He gave it a go when the photos turned out to be “really cool”, it inspired him to push further and continue down this new career route. Although it started out slow, the photoshoots now won’t stop coming, and it has certainly shifted Veda’s perspective about his image.

"It’s kind of therapeutic for me. When I started, every person that would shoot would say ‘wow you have such a unique look’," he says. "I’ve never heard anyone say that to me before and those few people who would say that have influenced the image that I see for myself."

Before his career in modelling started, Veda only saw his confidence shine through in his musical talent by playing instruments like the piano and the flute. A talent that he finds to be very healing and calming to his nerves.

Photographer: Ivan Weiss -

As someone who grew up with body and social insecurities, he was surprised to find out how much modelling has actually increased his confidence. It’s hard to be shy and nervous when you’re under the spotlight and have to constantly meet new people.

He says: "Having people tell me that these things are interesting flipped my perspective, and I adopted that idea.

"There is also confidence in the social level of it by meeting so many people like photographers, makeup artists, directors of photography, and whoever is involved in the process. There’s a lot of people, and I found that I really like to be social."

With this newfound career, Veda wants to push boundaries, break the rules, and stay away from any labels. The model is not one to copy mainstream conventional rules and will only do things in his career that he personally loves and finds to be inspiring.

Photographer: Ivan Weiss -

"I’ve been wearing female clothes for photoshoots and I haven’t done that before, but I thought why not since it is not a very mainstream thing to do," he says. "There are some instances where people look at you in a weird way, but I want to challenge those negative reactions and destroy them."

The model hopes to continue inspiring people through his own actions, which he considers a "bi-product of the job" which in return will motivate him to do more in his own life.

"I hope that people are inspired to be more like themselves and to obey less standards and rules," he says. "To be more brave about being themselves."

Veda is continuing to work on his music alongside modelling and practising new jobs like acting, as he recently did for a short feature film. He hopes to release his music soon into the world, saying "it’s very healing, and I’m doing my best to be inspirational."

But modelling is something that is always going to stick with Veda for the long run, and it is something that he would encourage other people to try.

"Modelling, it can heal. It can have very healing properties," he says. "If you’re afraid of something, and you do it once, then you would be less afraid of it. Doing something you’re afraid of can have very positive results."

Watch the video below to know more about who Osh Veda is and what his inspirations are!