In the mind of RCH before he hits the stage

One of the things that London is most famous for is being the centre of emerging talents. Richie Emmanuel, 25, who goes by the stage name, RCH (Receiving Constant Happiness), is one of those talents in the underground scene and Kindred. went to his performance at Dalston Junction to watch him light up the stage.

RCH compares the type of music he makes to a science experiment in the lab where two scientists are creating a hybrid artist.

"A bit of Travis Scott, PlayboI Carti, Kanye, and Frank Ocean. They put all of those components from those artists into one human person then Wiz Khalifa adopted that person – that’ll be me."

It all started at age 16, when he wrote his first-ever rap at school just for "bants". Friends at school showed him Hip-Hop music which he resonated with. "I was inspired by a lot of people around me that saw something in me that I didn’t necessarily see myself." That’s when he decided to rap properly.

His raps then were focused on topics of the time such as skinny jeans and BBM. RCH always wanted to do something creative whether it was drawing or acting, he didn't mind.

"I always wanted to create something based on what was in my head and make a finished product," he says.

His parents migrated from Congo, and he grew up hearing Congolese music playing in the house such as Koffi Olomide, but would occasionally hear music from Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Bob Marley being played around the house.

Now RCH has cultivated his lyrics to focus on himself and what he has to offer. "It's mainly self-love and all the things that come with being confident in yourself. People think you're braggadocios, arrogant and cocky. But it doesn't matter – just do what you want to do."

In his own words, his greatest strength as an artist is "performing and doing shows". RCH's favourite track to perform at the moment is his brand-new unreleased song 'What I Want', which he describes as "a proper turn-up hype song".

Watch the video below to see what goes on in the mind of RCH before he hits the stage.