How to be your own Valentine all year round

With the most commercialised holiday of all time upon us once more, many may be feeling societal pressure to not be single on the “day of love”. Every day should be a day to celebrate your loved ones, but for some reason, we seem to put a special emphasis on showing our affection mainly on February 14th. And if, like me, you are single this Valentine's Day, or you are in a relationship but just want to show yourself some love, let’s talk about how you can be your own Valentine not just on this day, but all year.

Compliment yourself

Instead of looking in the mirror and focusing on everything that you think is wrong or could be better, focus on what you like about yourself. Even better, start your day with this little ritual of declaring love for yourself; it will instantly boost your confidence and self-acceptance! And, let us be honest, you deserve to love yourself more.

Make it all about yourself

You are the most important person in your life, and your relationship with yourself is equally important. Leaving aside Valentine's Day, we should make celebrating the beauty of love a regular thing. Do not forget to show yourself some love whether you are celebrating with friends, family, or that special someone.

Treat yourself to flowers

Who says you have to wait for someone to bring you a beautiful bouquet? A lovely flower arrangement can instantly lift your spirits, so head to your local florist and let your imagination run wild when picking the flowers.

Create an at-home spa experience

Yes, you could go to a spa and enjoy the experience of having someone else pamper you, but this might not always be possible. Whether it be due to a lack of time or money, creating the ideal spa experience in the comfort of your own home can be both cost-effective and exactly what you need. Make a day of it, and you will feel refreshed and appreciated in no time.

Do something for yourself

Leading on from the previous point - do more things for yourself. Make time in your hectic schedule to do what you enjoy and what brings you peace. Whether it is a walk with your furry friend or binge-watching your favourite Netflix show, make the most of those brief moments when you can switch off and focus solely on yourself.

Spread the love

Sometimes showing yourself love looks a little different from what you might expect. Helping others, whether through volunteering or helping your parents paint the living room, is a sign of love and a way to divert your attention away from things that can fill your mind with worries. It is all too easy to get caught up in romantic love and believe that it is the only love that matters, but that is not the case.

Wine and dine yourself

Pour yourself a glass of wine and get cooking! Making your favourite meal (which you probably don’t make very often because it takes too long to prep) is the perfect way to treat yourself. Light a candle, pour another glass of wine (if there’s any left) and savour the delicacy you’ve whipped up just for yourself.

Be easy on yourself

High expectations can be a real downer and a setback on the way to self-love. We are frequently unhappy with our lives' progress and constantly tell ourselves that we are not where we want to be, but sometimes, at that moment, we are exactly where we wanted to be a year ago. Remember to tell yourself that you are doing your best!

Share how you feel

This does not necessarily have to do with romantic feelings. When we try to be the better person, we sometimes keep things inside us. These eventually build up to the point where you can not take it any longer, which is terrible for you and your mental health. So, if you have been holding something inside, let it out. Even better, try not to hold things in as much anymore!

Commit to it

Make a commitment to showing yourself more love and prioritising your happiness in whatever way you choose. It is a journey, so remember to give yourself the same treatment as you do when showing your affection to others, even when things are out of control.

What are some ways you show yourself love? Let us know in the comments!