How I romanticised my day to day life

I’d like to think of myself as a hopeful romantic. After a few years of hardship, I banished the word “hopeless” from my dictionary and decided to change my attitude towards life to a more positive one, therefore, a hopeful romantic became the best definition for the way that I am now. I thought of multiple reasons why I shouldn’t let sadness control me and then started romanticising my life. I’m a real daydreamer, because this world is hard enough to live in without a spark of happiness or a touch of glitter.

Shine wherever you are

It’s said that ‘she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten’. I’m a glitter girl because whenever I enter someone’s life, I refuse to be forgotten. I also own a good amount of shiny glittering nail polishes, sequin outfits, shiny writing paper, as well as gold and silver pens. I believe that everything shiny brings that extra light into your life. Let yourself shine both inside and out.

Window gazing from a coffee shop is a must

Having both a coffee and croissant is a must for hopeful romantics like myself when going into coffee shops in London. Add a fashion magazine and a nice cute French waiter to the lot and you have yourself a whole romanticised afternoon. Trips to a local and hip coffee shop always make me feel more French than I already am. Also, I don’t forget to gaze from a window while daydreaming or wearing my classic beret.

Sing your heart out

Sing like no one is watching, whether it’s in the shower, while doing your housework or even in the street while having a main character moment. I sometimes imagine myself on stage with thousands of people singing in harmony with me. In another life, I would have chosen to be a talented rockstar.

Stay candid

The world is a harsh cold place but stay candid at heart. If you want to blow bubbles in the park, blow bubbles. If you want to buy and eat a kinder surprise or happy meal, do so. If you feel like it, go purchase a lollipop and keep your inner child intact. My motto is: act like a kid but reflect like an adult.

Make self-care a priority

Your mental health is a priority, and it starts by having love and compassion for yourself. Not everything is healed by self-care Sundays, but it is important to simply take some time out for yourself to dream, to cry and to live.


Daydreaming is my speciality; I love to imagine myself in an old black and white film from the 1920-1950s. In my mind, I live in a utopian world and I am the main character of my own story. Imagination is good but it can also be dangerous. Do dream but don’t let yourself be consumed by your imagination. Keep in touch with reality and try to find a positive angle to any situation you encounter.

Romanticising your life is more than a dreamy walk in Paris, it’s a whole mindset. It’s a need to make even the most mundane tasks shiny, beautiful, productive, and fulfilling. Because of this glass half-full mindset, during the week I feel more elevated, happy and refreshed. It feels like a gentle caress to my soul.

Now, how do you romanticise your own life? Tell us in the comment section below.