Holly Inks is taking back female sexual power with her artwork: Art not suitable for grandma

Hailing from the midlands, Holly previously worked as a wedding planner but made the drastic decision to change her career path during the lockdown. She hosted her very first exhibition earlier this month, showcasing her ‘rude, crude and often nude’ artwork.

Her pieces include: large canvases, smaller prints, rude pottery and a recent addition of cheeky Christmas baubles.

She describes her artwork as: “All about bringing back that feeling of being in control of your body and having that power.” Holly Inks’ art challenges the patriarchy’s constrained idea of female sexual power.

“You should be able to go out, you should be able to drink with who you want, you should be able to sleep with who want, you should be able to enjoy what you want to do and not feel the pressure that society puts on you,” Holly emphasises.

Holly’s artwork portrays her beliefs through powerful imagery and playful commentary. Watch the full video covering the exhibition at the link to learn more about Holly’s journey and vision.

Sad that you missed out? Don’t worry, Holly’s second exhibition showcases on Wednesday, 1 December 2021 at the Hanway Bar in London from 6pm to 10pm.