Healing through art: Rainbow Ruthie shares how creativity can help people deal with trauma

Rainbow Ruthie is a poetic rendition from Ruth Ella Moragas who was diagnosed with a bipolar and borderline personality disorder. This short documentary explores healing through art and the foundation of her Christian faith.

Moragas is a vibrant personality, embodied in the colours that she wears, the paintings she gives birth to and her ecstatic bundle of laughter. A warm character who is easy to be around, she spoke to Kindred. about how art therapy can be an effective way to bring healing to a patient who has experienced trauma.

According to the charity Mind, "arts and creative therapies allow you to communicate thoughts and feelings that you find difficult to put into words and thus help you make sense of things and understand yourself better".

Moragas mentions her work with Happy Heads at the New Life Croydon Christian Centre, where artistic expression was encouraged whilst she was in recovery. Her faith was also her anchor during this time with an emphasis on the presence of God in her paintings.

If you would like to find out more about Moragas's story, she has also written an autobiography, One Flew Over The Rainbow: Mental Health Autobiography. This book is about her path to healing after overcoming traumatic moments in her life. Her art is present throughout the book, and you sense the evolution and changes in her techniques as if her art reflects her journey as a human being in trying to make sense of her mental health and her life.

Moragas was willing to share her story as she wishes to give hope to people who are still on a path to recovery and who may be struggling to hang on. Not only is she an inspiration to many, but her art, with its high vibrancy and beautiful energy, is a real delight for the eyes of those who are seeking more colour in their world.

Her work will be on display at the Croydon Clock Tower café from 14 October to 28 November 2022. You can RSVP here.