Five products men need in their skincare routine

At Kindred. we believe everyone should be taking care of their skin and that includes men too. Following our suggestion of a quick homemade mask from the previous week, I am now bringing you product recommendations to up your skincare and grooming game.

As a guy, there is no shame in taking care of your skin. It's the right thing to do and makes you feel like you're putting your best self forward. There are many more skincare products that I need to get into myself, but it’s an upward journey. Skincare is self-care, and self-care is the best care.

James + Jake Major Hydrator | Anytime Face Moisturiser

First, we have the James + Jake Anytime Face Moisturiser. Over time, I've learnt the importance of having a different moisturiser for your face and for your body.

A face moisturiser needs to be gentle to your skin, especially for someone like me who has sensitive skin. This is exactly what you get with James + Jake Major Hydrator. On the first use, I noticed the natural scent that highlights there are no harsh synthetic fragrances. This moisturiser does not leave your face oily, but gives it the hydration you need.

Make sure you give it a good rub in, especially if you have a beard. You can apply this moisturiser after a shower in the morning as well as at night.

I particularly love the lightweight feel of the packaging, which also makes it suitable for travelling. All James + Jake products are also made in England and have never been tested on animals.

Blistex MedPlus

As a black man, Blistex lip care is an essential item for me. I would always steal my friends' if I lost my own. It has a cool minty effect that, once applied, assures the product is working on the lip. The packaging is identical to Carmex’s popular lip pot, making it easy to just put in the pocket and go, but differs with its distinct blue finishing.

James + Jake Out of the Blue | Energy Elevating Body Wash

Have you ever jumped into the ocean from a coastal shore? That’s what James + Jake’s Out of The Blue body wash smells like. Just like when you come out from the waters after a huge leap, this body wash leaves you feeling energised – it’s not just in the name.

But like natural waters, I wouldn’t say the body wash is as foamy as is commonly known with high street brands. And the £19 price tag, I wouldn’t say that’s the aim. Out of The Blue Wash is something to buy if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one.

Malibu 50SPF Lotion

Malibu's 50 SPF Lotion, is a chemical sunscreen and moisturiser that my family swears by. I use it anywhere where the sky is clear, and the sun is shining (but you should really wear SPF every day of the year). This SPF is affordable and a necessity for the heatwave we are about to encounter in the coming months.

James + Jake Extreme Cool Down | Post Exercise Protecting Foot Spray

Honestly, foot spray is not something that I've ever sought. But after receiving the Extreme Cool Down, post-exercise protecting foot spray – I now know all the places where it becomes useful. Such as immediately after playing football or after an especially long day. But most importantly fellas, if you think you’re going to get lucky, this product will certainly not harm you. The Extreme Cool Down spray is for anyone who is always on the move. Perfect if you exercise before work or exercise in general. It has a fresh minty scent that neutralises that bad foot odour.

(James + Jake products have been kindly sent to Kindred. and have been tested for a few weeks, therefore all opinions are my own.)