Exploring the new Hew Locke exhibition at Tate Britain

If you are an art aficionado and want an idea for a date or a day out with friends, why not make the most of the free London museum, Tate Britain. Book your free ticket and visit its corridors full of wonder and excitement while learning something new such as exploring The Procession by Hew Locke.

Hew Locke is a contemporary artist who has been chosen for this year’s Tate Britain Commission. His installation is found right at the museum entrance, in the main room. Locke’s installation is revolutionary, not only because it portrays our human condition in such an original way but because it has a message for the younger generation. A message of resistance and individuality. A message of resilience from the dreadful past of slavery and other human atrocities is weaved within the life and death narrative.

It is a strong art installation, which creates a mix of strangeness and beauty. Indeed, he describes his art as a "mix of ideas of attraction and discomfort – colourful and attractive, but strangely scarily surreal at the same time".

This duality that his art evokes works well for its spectator who almost feels part of the art piece as walking past its many human-sized mannequins. There is something tangible about this art piece, almost relatable as one’s life is always harboured with a resistance, drenched in resilience to simply fight for the right to be ourselves and to exist. We all have at some stage of our lives raised a banner for our right to be.

The procession expresses such, not only the process of life and death but the narrative in between which is our fights for freedom, for basic human rights or simply the ultimate fight which is to be loved and understood.

Go take a stroll in Tate and let us know of your experience and interpretation of any art piece in the comments.