Everyone’s getting their lip fillers dissolved and here’s why I won’t

Ever thought about getting a little bit of filler here or there, but distraught over all the famous faces who seem to be ditching fillers and embracing the more natural look instead? I get it. If you see all the influencers people look up to that are getting their fillers dissolved, it probably makes you think: getting it done isn’t the best idea. But that’s where you’re wrong.

I am a strong believer that there’s nothing that screams self-love more, than being happy with the way you look. There is nothing shameful about having cosmetic procedures done to make you feel better about yourself and your appearance.

However, recently, cosmetic nurse and expert in non-surgical injectables, Nina Prisk has seen a huge increase in enquiries relating to what she calls a lip filler reset.

“Many of the people I’m treating are seeing celebrities sporting their more natural looking lips after having fillers dissolved and wanting to follow suit,” she says. “And a lot of the people I’m seeing have had treatment carried out by unqualified practitioners, which has then resulted in lumps or asymmetric overfilled lips, which they are trying to rectify.”

Prisk, who is famed for her ability to enhance her patient’s features whilst always providing a natural look, explains that lip filler dissolving is a treatment that can be used to quickly break down dermal filler safely and comfortably. It involves having hyaluronidase injected into the lips. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that exists naturally in your body already, but by injecting it into the lips where the filler was placed, it helps to speed up the process of breaking the filler down.

“It’s essential to have this procedure carried out by a qualified practitioner, because although it’s relatively straightforward, there is a risk of an allergic reaction," says Prisk.

“When fillers are done properly by an experienced practitioner, they can add gentle and subtle volume which looks natural and not over plumped like some celebrities do. It can also be used to help even out asymmetrical lips,” she says.

Molly-Mae now looks completely different after having her filler dissolved.
Molly-Mae now looks completely different. Credit: Instagram/Molly-Mae Hague

The whole going back to the natural no-filler look started with the former Islander and Creative Director of PLT, Molly-Mae Hague, back in 2020. The decision came after she realised she took it too far and could no longer recognise herself. The influencer was only 17-years-old when she first started getting fillers and by going to different people, she ended up with botched lips.

Faye is now sporting a more natural pout after she's had her lips redone.
Faye is now sporting a more natural pout. Credit: Instagram/Faye Winter

Another former Love Islander, Faye Winter has a similar story to Molly-Mae’s. Winter hit the headlines in November of last year for getting her lip fillers dissolved - a move no one expected from the reality star. She went on to get her lips re-filled only a few weeks later, going from the original 4ml to a natural 1.5ml. She shared with her followers that she should have done it sooner and, like many young girls, she made the mistake of going to cheap places and people who didn’t know how to achieve the look she wanted.

Personally, I was always unhappy with my lips, and even though some would kill to have the same shape and fullness, it just wasn’t doing it for me. Whenever I mentioned having a filler to balance out my outer corners, people would look at me like I’m crazy. They would talk about all the damage it could do and a friend of a friend who had it done and her lip burst (which could actually happen) and basically anything to scare me off from that idea. I think they imagined overly-filled and fake looking lips, which is what people normally imagine when they hear the word filler.

Me being stubborn, after years of thinking about it, I eventually went for it two years ago. I decided for the no needle option by a Hyaluron Pen because after hearing of all the horror stories of injectable filler, I was scared of anyone with a needle near my lips. This device injects the filler into the desired area without a needle by using pressure.

I was happy with the results and went to the same practitioner for a top-up a few weeks later just to build up on the filler so it would last longer. However, lockdown came not long after, and during those few months I realised that maybe the no needle option can’t give the same effects as you’d get with a regular injectable filler.

See, unlike Moly-Mae and Faye, I’ve had my first lip filler when I was 22, so I would say I knew what I was doing. I've done my research and made sure to read the reviews, look at all the photos and consult the practitioner. My goal was always natural looking lips, and even to this day after having had a few more sessions, no one can actually tell I have filler (unless they see me the day after). That could actually be because I am terrible at going to my follow-up appointments, but overall I am happy with the finished work.

So no, I wouldn’t get my filler dissolved, because I thought about it repeatedly until I was absolutely sure it was the right thing to do. If you’re considering this treatment, I’ve got some things you should keep in mind.

Choose wisely

Ask your friends, Google search, and research! I personally wouldn’t go to anyone who offers a Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian package because to me it seems like they are just falsely promoting the idea that by injecting as much filler in your face as you can, you will look like a member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

Ask questions

Once you find the right person, don’t be afraid to ask questions-- especially if it’s your first time. No question is a dumb question, at the end of the day someone is literally sticking a needle in your lips.

There will probably be bruising

Bruises after having your lips done aren’t an indicator of a poorly done procedure, its just your personal reaction to the filler. When I went last year, my lips were swollen and so purple that I looked like I had gotten beat up. However, I realised that in the week prior to the procedure I took ibuprofen, which you should avoid as they increase the risk of swelling and bruising.

Start slow

Rather than going in with unrealistic expectations, start slowly, especially if you have very thin lips. Filler can be built upon, and spreading a smaller amount of filler over a few sessions will help your lips maintain and enhance their shape.

Expect to splash the cash

Getting fillers isn’t a permanent solution and they only last from six to 12 months, so get ready for the financial commitment.

Please keep in mind that I'm not here to promote fillers or telling you to get it done, all I’m saying is, there is nothing wrong with doing so, as long as you do your research and don’t do something you may regret a few years down the line.

Have you ever had any cosmetic procedures done? Share your experience in the comments!