BetterMe teams up with UKRAINEPRIDE on LGBTQ+Me., featuring stories exclusively told by Ukrainians

With LGBTQ+ communities more likely to experience symptoms of depression and stress due to facing discrimination within their families, university or at work, BetterMe has joined forces with UKRAINEPRIDE to promote mental wellbeing within the LGBTQ+ community.

BetterMe is a leading Ukraine-based behavioural healthcare company that focuses on the physical and mental health of over 100 million users worldwide with its services. The company has created health coaching apps for people battling with their mental health and has decided to work with UKRAINEPRIDE, a patriotic queer movement that is aimed at defending and nurturing Ukrainian cultural identity.

For Pride Month this year, the two organisations have announced that they will be launching an audio course titled, LGBTQ+Me. Embracing Our Differences, which aims to unite people of all walks of life to understand each other better. They will be collecting a handful of personal anecdotes from both LGBTQ+ and straight communities as well as advice from mental health counsellors to help us understand how we can live in harmony regardless of sexual orientation or background. With each story provided exclusively by Ukrainians who have lived these experiences, their words will hopefully be relevant to many people worldwide.

“People of the LGBTQ+ community often face discrimination and a lack of understanding from society," says Yuriy Dvizhon, co-founder of UKRAINEPRIDE NGO. "To change that, we're so happy to partner with BetterMe for the course that educates on how to treat the LGBTQ+ as well as shares their unique stories that help us understand them more. This way, we hope to make the lives of our community and loved ones better!"

Mental health experts will offer insight on how people can deal with their mental well-being as Ukrainian society continues to evolve its mindset toward the queer community. Some topics that will be covered include:

Self-identification by Alem

"We’ll tell stories about how people self-identified as queer, what they felt, and what difficulties they faced."

Alem is a queer journalist and storyteller living in the USA. They are "someone who doesn’t live within strict labels".

Coming out by Yura

"We’ll invite people to share coming-out stories and reactions to them."

Yura is a director, activist and a co-founder of UKRAINEPRIDE. He is gay, living in Ukraine, and remembers realising his sexual orientation at just four years old.

Discrimination and bullying by Julia

"We’ll hear out two sides of the matter: the bully explains their motives and background that led to the aggressive behaviour, and the victim will share their feelings and point of view."

Julia is a content creator living in the USA. She is transgender and has romantic relations with a 'perfect' guy, who loves her soul, not the body.

How to talk to kids about gender by Alex

"We’ll be sharing personal stories of parents who have queer kids."

Alex is a photographer, actor and fitness trainer. He lives in the USA, is transgender, and has a husband with whom he takes care of six very cute dogs.

LGBTQ+ stereotypes by Petro

"We’ll debunk popular stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community and share stories from those who used to be biased against this community, and explain what motivated them to change their opinions."

Petro is an influencer, restaurateur and producer. He is heterosexual, living in Ukraine. He has a son and is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

LGBTQ+ people and military service by Pasha

"We’ll learn from queer people, who decided to join military service."

Pasha is a gay mental health coach and activist. He lives in Ukraine and serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The course is available on the BetterMe: Mental Health app, for both iOS and Android.