A Letter from the Editor: behind Kindred.

Reem Makari, Editor-in-chief of Kindred. Magazine

The very first time that Kindred. magazine as a concept was pitched out loud, the idea was quickly shut down. The reason why? It wouldn’t be "inclusive of everyone".

Our purpose as a magazine was always first and foremost to be a platform that features the voices of underrepresented people and to celebrate their stories.

The reason it was deemed not inclusive was because it wouldn’t appeal to the average non-marginalised person – or rather “the majority” – and so the idea wouldn’t work on a larger scale.

I, along with my team, strongly disagreed with that statement and I’ll tell you exactly why. As a reader, if you feel as though you are an outcast in society, then you will be able to find solace in Kindred. through other people’s journeys and the hope that one day you’ll be able to share your own.

If you’re someone who has never related to these feelings, then this is an opportunity to understand the other side; to be aware that we need people like you to recognise your privileges and to speak up when their voices are silenced.

Magazines like Kindred. are what we need to see on the shelves today; the mainstream media is simply not doing enough to feature any real representation.

It’s very rare to see them go beyond ticking one diversity box and we are constantly just seeing recycled images of what is believed to be “inclusivity” but failing to push any real boundaries.

Minorities are only ever portrayed in a way to be pitied or to highlight their suffering but never given the chance to be celebrated for their beauty.

Kindred.’s purpose is to do the opposite and to show that these people are thriving because of what makes them different rather than being ashamed of the difference that isolates them.

Real tolerance will only start to happen once we all make the effort to listen to one another’s stories and to actively unlearn stereotypes rooted in our upbringing.

Identity encompasses everything around us, it is something that makes people unique yet also powerful enough to create everlasting bonds. It is at the heart of Kindred. and it is how we are making our introduction, with identity being the theme of the magazine’s first print issue.

This is from the Kindred. Identity issue, out now. Purchase the copy through the link here.