A chubby girl's guide to looking cute and comfortable on a hot summer's day

If you consider yourself someone who is chubby, you already know that summer could be quite uncomfortable. Sunny days can sometimes take a turn when suddenly your bra starts feeling too tight, your thighs are chaffing, and a long line of sweat starts running down your back.

This doesn’t mean you should be completely put off from wearing whatever your heart desires, but there are some tricks that make it easier to get through the day with minimal discomfort. This is Kindred.’s style guide for chubby girl fashion this summer.

1. Protect yourself from the “chub rub”

Imagine putting on your favourite sundress for the perfect summer day only to have it ruined by a case of very painful thigh chafing - aka "chub rub". It might even be worse than walking around with a blister from breaking in new shoes all day.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to avoid thigh chafing. The first option is to purchase some baby powder or petroleum jelly from your nearest drug store and rub it on your thighs to create a "barrier" between them and also heal previous chaffing marks. The second option is to find breathable cycling shorts that you can wear under your dress/skirt which has the added bonus of not risking the chance to flash everyone.

2. Consider switching to T-shirt bras

On days when you wake up feeling super bloated, the thought of putting on a tight underwired bra might sound like a nightmare. Just like the feeling of it pressing into the top of your stomach and collecting boob sweat all day. It might be worth investing in a T-shirt bra if going braless isn’t an option for you. They can be non-wired while providing basic support and are very affordable - check out the M&S collection where you can get a pack of 3 for only £20. A steal!


3. Bermuda shorts over short shorts any day

Any pair of normal shorts can turn into short shorts if you are blessed with thick thighs. It can get annoying having to adjust your shorts all day so that they’re not rolling up too high or creating an uncomfortable wedgie.

Try out Bermuda shorts for a change which are slightly longer and a wide-legged version of your normal shorts. They’re comfortable substitutes that just happen to also be very fashionable and perfect for the summer. Pair Bermuda shorts with an oversized shirt for a relaxed look or go for a crop-top and blazer for a night-out look.

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4. Bloat your heart out with fit and flare dresses

If you’ve made plans for a foodie day out where you know for a fact that it’s going to end in digestive issues and a bloated stomach, this is the type of dress you should be looking for. Look for something that can give you some shape and compliment your figure from the top half like a milkmaid top or wrap dress but is baggy from the breasts down and preferably with an elastic waistline. This way there will be nothing pressing against your stomach making you feel uncomfortable. You’re free to walk around for the rest of the day feeling free to bloat however you please.

5. Look for cover-ups with a lighter fabric

There can be some days when you just want to reach for anything oversized for maximum comfort and call it a day. If you’re sick of wearing the same old baggy T-shirt and it’s too hot to wear a sweatshirt, try looking for some cover-ups from a light and breathable material.

Some examples are linen oversized shirts which you can find in the men’s section of any charity shop, crochet flared-sleeve tops that you can purchase from independent sellers online, and satin button-ups which you can find on ASOS. This way you still have the same feeling of wearing something oversized that you can switch up and still look and feel put together.

What are some of your tips for how to dress in the summer weather? Let us know in the comments!

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