5 summer wardrobe must-haves you should be thrifting

As cheap as your flight ticket deals and Airbnb bookings are, your vacation stops looking so affordable once you add a brand-new and expensive summer wardrobe to the mix. Don’t let this make you give up on your holiday-lewk ideas, you just need to be a little more strategic with your shopping methods.

Look no further than your nearest charity shop or thrifting applications like Depop and Vinted to find all the summer wardrobe essentials you’re going to need that are guaranteed to glam up your Instagram feed. Not to mention that it not only means you get to have a more unique look, but you would also be making better choices for the environment.

1. Floral dresses

"Florals in spring? Ground-breaking!" But let’s be honest, there’s a reason that this print always comes back this time of the year and that’s because it just works. Mini, midi, or maxi floral dresses are the perfect clothing item to throw on for any summer occasion that is sure to make you look effortlessly pretty even if you are just spending the day running errands. You’ll find endless options for these dresses online or in your local charity shop that are either pre-loved fast fashion brands like Zara or vintage dresses from the 90s.

2. Maxi skirts

Need a way to reuse all the basic neutral tops in your closet that you’re sick of just pairing with jeans? Try searching for maxi skirts that are easy breezy for the summer weather yet make you feel put together even when you don’t feel it. Experiment with different fabrics like satin and denim or look for bright colours and patterns that will make a statement.

3. Linen fabrics

If there is one summer must-have that you need to have on hand in your closet the second the weather gets too hot, it’s anything made of linen. Linen shirts, trousers, and shorts are all investment pieces you should think of purchasing if you want to have the most comfortable and breathable wardrobe for sweaty summer days. They’re also the perfect layering piece to use over swimwear or to wear as a co-ord for that "clean-look" aesthetic.

4. Sunglasses

If your go-to hot weather look is simply a pair of shorts and a basic t-shirt, consider searching for a cool pair of sunglasses that will give your outfit extra edge on a day out. Each style of sunglasses can create a whole new look whether they’re white cat-eyes, 90s oval sunglasses, yellow-tinted lenses, and more.

5. Crochet beach-wear

While crochet pieces are not exactly "second-hand" finds, they’re still a form of slow fashion that is considerably more environmentally-friendly and can be purchased over thrifting apps like Depop, Vinted, and Instagram. Upgrade your basic polyester bikini-top to a crochet one that has a unique stitch style or pattern that will elevate your entire beach look. You can also look for crochet beach cover-ups if bikinis aren’t your thing or accessories like bucket hats and scrunchies.

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