12 Zodiac signs and how they deal with heartbreak

Astrology can offer an explanation of how different people deal with breakups, as your zodiac sign defines your personality and the way you interact with the world. It’s no surprise then that it can also help you understand the ins and outs of someone’s behaviour in romantic relationships.

Breakups are pretty common because things just can’t work out all the time. But there are different approaches to dealing with the situation, and the worst-case scenario can be when you find out that your ex-partner deals with breakups quite differently than you do. If you want closure, and they’d rather pretend they don’t know you, it can cause even more pain than you’re already going through.

Kindred. has previously told you all about how its Fashion Editor deals with heartbreak, and with the “month of love” in full swing, psychic and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, shared with Kindred. how different Zodiac signs face this often unbearable pain.


Inbaal describes the bold and ambitious Aries as the “baby-faced firecrackers of the Zodiac”. Aries dive into a challenge head first and “don’t shy away from confrontation, so find themselves painted as the villain often.

“Aries are very friendly and social and take break-ups quite well. They probably had someone in mind as their next target, the moment they were jilted…"


This earth sign is regularly described as stubborn and according to Inbaal, Taureans “like stability and security, and don't enjoy splitting up. They will try their hardest to keep things moving forward - but once you crossed their red lines, you won't get them back.

“They are never in a hurry to do anything and won't rush into a new relationship. Perhaps into a pint of ice cream.”


Gemini are the social butterflies of the Zodiac, however, they are typically indecisive and unreliable. “The twins are two characters in this one sign, and so Geminis are regularly in two minds about everything,” says Inbaal.

“Do they want to date you or somebody else? Not sure. Do they want to be together or alone? Not sure. They'll go with the crowd, and will handle the break-up really well. A quick change of outfit, and they'll be lighting up the floor at the hottest parties in town.”

“Some signs, like Libra or Gemini, can see both sides of any argument, and so they really empathise with the person who leaves them, therefore the hurt they carry isn't as heavy as perhaps a Cancer or a Pisces, who feel responsible for the break-up, being very sensitive signs, and turning to self-blame to explain what went wrong."


The self-protective Cancerian “might have a hard shell, just like their symbol, crab, but they are soft on the inside,” says Inbaal.

They are one of the sensitive water signs and will go to great lengths to protect their loved ones. “Cancerians don't enjoy break-ups at all. They are likely to binge-watch all the saddest movies, stay in their onesie all day, and write amazing poetry to deal with their heartbreak.”


Leos are known for their sense of pride and as Inbaal describes “the Lion is the King of the Jungle, and as the symbol of the Leo sign, it shows us how personally Leos would take it if their heart was broken.

“They'll hold back the tears and won't tell anyone the details of your romance, but they'll remember what you did forever. To soothe their pain, they'll go for a glow-up photoshoot and enjoy all the compliments.”


Virgos are perfectionists at heart, so breaking it will make them feel “quite cheated”.

Inbaal says that the reasonable and sensible Virgo likes transparency in all aspects of their life. “Any hint of secrecy, or talking behind their backs, will devastate them,” she says. “Virgos don't mind being single, however, and so they'll cope by joining clubs and activities, and keeping busy.”

Signs like Aquarius or Virgo are very logical and reasonable," says Inbaal. "They reckon that if the relationship didn't work out, it must have been wrong for them all along, and so they can accept that they are now single. The flip-side of those are Leo or Taurus for example, who hate changes that are out of their control, and will suffer quietly for a long time from the feeling of losing the person they love, and their belief in love at all.”


“The symbol of the scales is what demonstrates how Libras can see the positives and the negatives, the ups and downs of every story,” says Inbaal.

They are able to see everything from both sides, so while they find heartbreak unpleasant, they may question if the relationship was even that good.

“They'll self-care to get through the heartbreak - a little spa day here and a brunch with a friend there.”


Breaking Scorpio’s heart may require a lot of courage. As Inbaal describes the fiery side of this water sign that is sensitive but “they are no pushovers, and they will burst into rage if you’re too blunt with your words”.

“If you're careful, your Scorpio will just tell everyone your most embarrassing secret. If you're careless, they'll do worse!”


“The freedom-loving Archers of the Zodiac are happy to get into a relationship - and happy to get out of it,” Inbaal says. “They enjoy having options, and are probably already chatting to someone else before you had a chance to do the deed.”

They will most likely try to avoid the pain of heartbreak by hanging out with their friends. “There will be food, drink and laughter aplenty - even when they're hurting.”

“The most freedom-loving signs are Sagittarius and Gemini, and for them, a relationship is never fully permanent," says Inbaal. "They've got one foot out the door throughout! They're both straight-talking signs as well, so they're not likely to sugar coat their exit speech to spare your feelings!”


Similarly to Taureans, Capricorns are strong and stubborn. They don’t like to show their weaknesses and “even when heartbroken, their faces will smile - the broken heart won't show.

“They love a good shopping session, and will cope with the difficult emotions by making some sizeable purchases, and perhaps a champagne lunch,” says Inbaal.


Aquarians are calm and sensitive, which reflects in the way they deal with heartbreak. This intelligent sign “feels heartbreak like everyone else, but they cope much better than others,” says Inbaal.

“They understand the ways of the world, and they know you can't win 'em all - so they'll spend a few weeks alone, quietly reading or listening to music. And that's all they need! Some peace. Then they'll be ready to date again.”


“Those born under the sign of the fish are psychic and sensitive,” Inbaal says. “They are devastated by heartbreak - because they always felt like you'd break their heart, and now you've gone and done it, and they still feel like they're somehow to blame.”

The creative Pisces will have a good cry and “talk and talk about it - to their friends, to the local radio station, to their journal.”

“All the water signs are very sensitive. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio all love to be in love, and love the fantasy of 'soulmates', 'twin flames' and forever love," says Inbaal. "For them, a break-up isn't just a break-up. Their hearts shatter into a thousand pieces. A Piscean could wait for you to come back for absolute decades…”

Do you see yourself in your sign’s coping mechanism, or do you handle it differently? Let us know in the comments.