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Chief Sub-Editor & Fashion Editor

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Features & Entertainment Editor

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Deputy Editor


Social Media & Design Editor


Lifestyle Editor & Sub-editor

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Creative Director


Design & Identity Editor

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News Editor

Kindred. is an independent online and print publication committed to creating a safe space to celebrate unique voices.

Our five sections (news, identity, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment) focus on lifting up-and-coming talents as well as tackling the issues of inequality and under-representation.


We encourage contributions from people from diverse backgrounds, as well as contributions from young journalists who share Kindred.’s values.


We write in an approachable, punchy tone that sparks conversation. Our readership is predominantly 18-30-year-old students and young adults living in the United Kingdom (mainly London) who identify as creative social justice warriors and find themselves as outcasts that are not represented in the mainstream media.


Our editorial aims:

  • Uplifting voices of those who deserve to be heard in order to change the way they are portrayed in the media.

  • Sharing stories that are inclusive of unique people that aren’t talked about in mainstream media.

  • Always being honest.

  • Quality over views.

  • Being creative and having fun.


What we like

  • Diverse perspectives

  • Easy-to-understand concepts – we want to be accessible to readers from all walks of life

  • First person-narrative/writing from personal experience if it suits the idea

  • Honesty and transparency


What we don’t like

  • Writing a comment/POV piece about a minority group unless you are from within that group (unless you can provide reliable sources from the group)

  • Negativity against marginalised groups – we will never, under any circumstances, give a platform to people who attack any of these groups, that includes articles that show “both sides” of the story

  • Aggression and stereotyping


How to pitch


Before you pitch, please consider the below important conditions.


Terms of submission

  • Articles must be fact-checked

  • We reserve the right to publish, edit or reject any article that is submitted to us

  • Submission length:

  • Interviews – 1000-1500 words

  • News articles – 400-600 words

  • Listicles – 600-1000 words

  • Columns/POV pieces – 800-1000 words

  • Reviews – 800-1000 words

  • Videos – 1:30-2:30 minutes

The editor will specify the length if your pitch is approved.

  • Editors will give feedback where appropriate.


Tips for pitching

  • Before you pitch to us, do your research, read Kindred. and make sure your idea is original and not something we have already covered.

  • Sell the idea - make sure your pitch highlights why we should run the article, why it would interest our audience, and why you are the right person to cover this content.

  • Don’t start writing before we have accepted the pitch. Let’s brainstorm and make it the best piece!


Sending your pitch

Send your pitch to with:

  • A summary of the article you intend to write, including:

  • your main argument and key points

  • any sources you intend to interview (if applicable)

  • a brief paragraph about yourself, outlining your perspective and writing experience

  • Examples of your writing or links to published work

  • In the subject line write “PITCH: Section - The article idea”, if your pitch is timely, mark it with URGENT


If your pitch is accepted, we will send you an email including the deadline, some advice and ideas and the word count. We will help you to develop your article.


Please allow up to two weeks for a response to your pitch. We are a small team, so it may take us a while, but we do get back to everyone.


Kindred. magazine is not monetised, therefore at the moment we cannot reimburse our writers. Contributions are purely on a voluntary basis.


Have a question? Contact our editorial team at